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For ease of use Fenton Hen and Rooster is compiled of several separate but linked Sections, or pages.  These Sections can be easily
accessed from any page in the site via the Navigation Bar, or labeled links located in each Section. For the further convenience of our
visitors, a site wide Search Engine to assist in finding answers and helpful photos to specific inquiries is nearly completed.  Sections about
topics relative to enjoying the art of successful Fenton hen and rooster collecting via the web have been added, while other sections
continue to be expanded.  Please be patient as the pages and their many photos load. We're still working the kinks out, which may require
some scrolling. We are working to finish uploading the complete site, but hope you enjoy what's been uploaded so far.

Some of the topics included are: information about Fenton Art Glass and the recent tumultuous times and changes required for the century
old company to stay in business, Fenton Art Glass's covered poultry forms, the various ways different hen and rooster wares were marked
by Fenton-and why; and an important Introduction to Fenton ware numbers, logos, labels.  

Featured topics specifically relative to enjoying the art of successful online Fenton Hen on Nest and Rooster collecting are complimented by
amply sized, photo packed, Sections called;
Introduction to Online Collecting of Fenton Hens and Roosters, and another special Section
Visible Features and Distinguishing Characteristics of Fenton Hen on Nest forms with a Photo Essay.  We hope they prove helpful to
fellow collectors-since unlike Fenton's roosters, the earlier hens of the 1950s and 1960s were not marked.

Individual Sections for each mould (shape and size) of Fenton's hen on nest dishes, rooster boxes, standing and sitting roosters, and turkey
boxes, contain large photos, close-ups of details, and information specific to the features and characteristics of that ware/mould.
Gallery of Photos for each of Fenton's hen on nest dishes and roosters, should help with color issues, which can be problematic when
shopping online since colors do appear differently from one PC display to another. The Galleries contain photos of the hens and roosters
shown in the various colors, or types of glass each mould was made in. Ware numbers with color codes, years of production, special
notations-when applicable, and descriptions of the differences in treatments and glass types accompany the photos in the Galleries.


Information and details about the most commonly accepted History of how the multiple moulds required for the production of
Fenton's hen on nest dishes came to be
Information about the Sizes of the hen top and the nest base
How and where to Measure for accurate sizing
Distinctive characteristics and features of Fenton hen and rooster tops and nests/bases
Recognizing the Silhouette of the overall hen on nest forms
Differences in finishes, in-line colors, and when they were produced
Special orders, and QVC Sellouts
Rarities and other interesting details and notes
What embedded logos or other permanent markings can tell about a ware
Addressing the many words and terms associated with Fenton, art glass, hens, roosters, moulds,
Glass colors, types, finishes, and decorative painting themes